Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

"When we transcend in our meditation we become charged with the force of beauty and this bestows upon us great bliss, joy and Divine energy."

                                                                                                           - Charlie Lutes

Beauty in Life

Beauty is that quality in anything that charms, uplifts, enhances and gives pleasure to the senses. Beauty attracts and its opposite which is ugliness repels. Beauty is mostly the result of the infusion of love, whether it is in a manifestation of nature or in the human being. We must grow into love, so we must also grow into beauty.

All things in life are attracted to each other through the expression of beauty. All things in life, including the human, have an inborn drive toward beauty. It is the human who is created to manifest and to express beauty, as well as to enjoy the beauty of nature and of the lower kingdoms. As the human becomes aware of higher and higher kingdoms, he realizes that the beauty increases in each kingdom, up to the Throne of God where the beauty is indescribable.

Anyone who has seen an angel, or any higher being, has always described it as being the most beautiful being. Anyone who has had such an experience, of either seeing a higher being or a higher kingdom, has always become inspired for life. Beauty is an expression of a high vibration and the opposite is an expression of a low vibration. All life is designed to be an expression of greater and greater beauty. It is the human being, having free will, who has the ability to be a conscious expression of beauty, or he can also be a distorter of beauty.

As one moves into the eternal light, one moves toward beauty and love. But, if he moves toward darkness he moves away from beauty. In the human it is the soul and the Solar Angel that is the true expression of love and beauty. It is beauty that waits for release or unfolding during spiritual development. It is the soul that needs beauty as a quality for full expression and development. It is also beauty that is the path for us to follow to cosmic development.

Beauty is the archetype of the divine blueprint of creation. As the human grows, he moves into soul guidance and soul consciousness and makes a connection with his Solar Angel. As a result, he picks up the sense of beauty and then begins to expand this to infinity. We come into the awareness of the archetypal projection of creation and automatically we begin to manifest an expression of beauty. When we transcend in our meditation we become charged with the force of beauty and this bestows upon us great bliss, joy and divine energy. It is the true beauty in the soul that inspires us to move ever-upward toward the light and greater and greater beauty. Where there is an expression of love there is always an expression of beauty. It is our inner desire to find beauty and happiness that motivates us to struggle through the pain, sorrow and darkness of life. Ultimately we will reach the great beauty and bliss that lies beyond our immediate grasp here on earth. Beauty, in the world, is said to be love in a materialized state.

Nature strives to express and sustain beauty, but the human through his destructive activity has disturbed the rhythm and harmony of beauty in the world and has reached a point where he stands to destroy himself. Hence, it is the human who must restore what he through ignorance has polluted and destroyed. He must remove the scars of ignorance and replace them with the beauty of nature and God. Through peace and positive actions the human must re-manifest the beauty in life that he has nearly forgotten.

However, before he can restore the beauty in the world, he must restore the beauty within himself. He must forsake the outer gross and search out the inner peace and beauty of his own true Self. Then this world will again become as a Garden of Eden, but not until then. He must learn to live according to the standards of inner truth and simplicity and then he will find he is surrounded by beauty. This world reflects what the human truly is. To reflect beauty in the world the human must be an expression of beauty and that is an expression of the God within.

Beauty, at its best in this world, is merely a shadow of the real and true beauty to be experienced in the subtler worlds. The human is capable of destroying the beauty in the world. However, the human cannot destroy the beauty of higher worlds because he will not inherit those worlds until he turns to God and forsakes his destructive ways. The real human is beauty and it is the real beauty that is eternal. The evil and ugliness in the human must ultimately die.

Beauty can also be said to be a center of purifying energy. Anytime we are creative or uplifting we are creating around ourselves a field of purifying energy which sustains us and energizes us; positive, creative people are usually energetic people. They are surrounded by the inner light which pours out from them and uplifts them and also those around them, and this benefits the world as well. The path to eternity is the path of ever increasing beauty; then, when one becomes one with beauty itself, one reaches eternity or the absolute where all is youthful and of permanent beauty. When we meditate we are using a mantra of beauty and it restores the beauty we have lost and transforms us into a continuity of consciousness and an ocean of beauty.

God is love and God is also total beauty. It is the human who must raise his vibrations from the mud of the earth to the purity of the absolute and that is eternal beauty.

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